World-class beards

Long, full, groomed and wild, beards come in all varieties. The list below contains beards from every corner of the globe and will leave you speechless. Because there is no limit to the records you can set and break… even when it comes to facial hair!



Our list begins with the current holder of the world record for longest beard. A Canadian born in India, music teacher and devout Sikh, Sarwan Singh was recognized by the renowned Guinness World Records franchise for the length of his beard – which is impressive to say the least – measuring 243 cm.



The second beard on our list also belongs to a Sikh person. Born in Punjab, in the north of India, Shamsher Singh set the world record for Longest Beard – Living Male in 1997 before losing it a few years later. From Shamsher’s chin to the tip of his beard, the total length was a stunning 182 cm.



We continue along to England with Michael Legge, the record holder for the United Kingdom. Thanks to his 60-cm long beard, he has managed to win 10 of the 12 competitions in which he has participated in recent years. Michael has stated that he has no intention of cutting his beard, so we should get ready to hear more about it in the future.



Heavy metal musicians have a reputation for being bearded, but the frontman of the American band Dååth has taken this one step further. His beard, which measures more than 30 cm, leaves no room for doubt that he is a true metalhead.



Famous for having documented the growth of his beard on various social networks, Madison Rowley won first place in the World Beard and Moustache Championship in Portland in 2015. Judging from his beard, we believe that he deserved it.



Our list would not be complete without mentioning Hans Nilsen Langseth, the man with the longest beard in history. Born in Norway in 1846 before moving to the United States, where he worked as a farmer, Hans died at the age of 81 without ever cutting his beard after the age of 19. His gigantic beard measured – wait for it – more than 5 metres long!


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