The first curve

“The straight line is a curve that doesn't dream.” - Manoel de Barros

There’s no imagination in a straight line. There’s no energy.

Those who dream love curves.

Steering, bending, trying untrodden roads, exploring new territories.

That’s how Ducati By Imetec was born. From the desire to dare, to unite the world of motorcycling and that of men’s body care for the first time, to create a unique and iconic product.

But that’s just the beginning.

Dreams feed on inspiration and the journey has just begun.

This magazine will be our logbook to accompany you, as your corner bend after bend, in the discovery of male beauty, a constantly evolving universe because contemporary man is constantly moving forward, seeking new ways to express his personality, his own character and his own style.

Curves lover wanted.

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  • socks5 list - 15 June 2018

    That is interesting article for me.
    I added your site into my bookmarks.
    P.S.: Looking forward for new updates!


    • Ducati By Imetec - 19 June 2018

      Hi Matthew, thanks for your support. We're glad you appreciate it, good reading!

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