Music and hairstyles

“Tell me your hairstyle and I’ll tell you what kind of music you listen to.” This may seem like an exaggeration, but few things go together as well as our look – including our hairstyle – and the music accompanying us throughout the day. Here are some genres that can represent us better than a thousand words or descriptions, followed by some advice on the hottest tracks of the moment for your playlist!


  • Indie Rock

Our list opens with the renowned indie rock. Born around 20 years ago in the English-speaking countries, indie rock has become one of the most influential genres worldwide in terms of lifestyle, serving as the backdrop of today’s wildly popular hipster culture. It takes many forms, ranging from the typical British bob cut to the increasingly popular man bun, with an overwhelming array of hairstyles to choose from.


Car Seat Headrest – “Nervous Young Inhumans” (from the album “Twin Fantasy – Face to Face”, Matador, 2018)


Typhoon – “Rorschach” (from the album “Offerings”, Roll Call Records, 2018)


  • Rock ‘n’ Roll

It’s the ultimate music for rebels and the most popular genre worldwide. From the Fifties onwards, it has never ceased to accompany those seeking energy, grit and passion, changing together with society and becoming a true cultural phenomenon. Rock ‘n’ roll has launched countless trends and hairstyles: backcombed, messy, longer or shorter… an incredibly wide range of coiffures capable of suiting every personality type.


Blackberry Smoke – “Shakin’ Hands With The Holy Ghost” (from the album “Find A Light”, 3 Legged Records, 2018)


Shinedown – “Devil” (from the album “Attention Attention”, Atlantic, 2018)


  • Reggae

As warm and passionate as Jamaica, the land in which it was born, reggae is the music of rhythm and relaxation. It became famous in the Seventies and Eighties and has since evolved into a series of subgenres, such as dancehall and reggaeton, that are widely popular today. Featuring dreadlocks and braids of all shapes and sizes, reggae has always provided some of the most “exotic” and unconventional hairstyles around.


Chronixx – “I Can” (from the album “Chronology”, Zincfence, 2017)


Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – “Living It Up” (from the album “Stony Hill”, Republic, 2017)


  • Heavy Metal

A lifestyle followed by millions of people worldwide, heavy metal has in the last 30 years evolved into dozens of different subgenres, from black metal to thrash metal and from death metal to doom metal. Metalheads pair (often very full) beards with T-shirts of ominous-sounding bands and very long hair, pushing the typical rocker look to the extreme. The perfect hairstyle for some proper headbanging under the stage: nothing could be more iconic.


Necrophobic – “Pesta” (from the album “Mark of the Necrogram”, Century Media, 2018)


Primordial – “Stolen Years” (from the album “Exile Amongst the Ruins”, Metal Blade Records, 2018)

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