Halloween beards and tricks

31 October is approaching. Witches, ghosts, monsters and pumpkins are ready to fight to the death for the last costume on the most terrifying night of the year. The only rule? Don't restrict your imagination and be crowned king of the scarers at the Halloween party!

Here are some tips to use your beard in your scary makeup in order to achieve a look to “scream” about…




Is your beard long and bushy, like a Garibaldi or a Bandholz? The full moon awaits your howls! Use a dark, consistent makeup on the exposed skin, and then apply additional tufts of hair to your forehead, cheeks and hands. Complete your werewolf disguise with fake fangs and – should you wish – contact lenses. Then you'll really be the beast of the party!




Are you an elegant guy with a classic mustache and goatee? The prince of darkness might be the right look for you. Just trim the edges of your facial hair and use a pale makeup – combined with the classic “Dracula” teeth – to become an on-screen vampire. And if the deathly touches don't impress you, try a few drops of fake blood here and there...




For men who don't go longer than a three-day stubble, what better way to dress up than as the undead? Use makeup that recreates that dirty and dead skin tone, raggedy clothes, a few splashes of fake blood and your zombie look is good to go. But don't forget to walk with a limp!


Which costume best suits you? Do you want to recreate it? Perfect your style with the Ducati by Imetec Grooming Kit GK 818 Race and give your All Hallows’ Eve a new look!

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