Beard and moustache championships around the world

Now that summer 2018 is over, are you already feeling the loss of the World Cup atmosphere that has characterised it? Do you think your beard and your moustache are unrivalled in their magnificence? If so, this article is for you; first, to help you overcome your nostalgia... and second, to make you realise that you probably still have a way to go!


So, don’t waste any more of your precious time. Throw your clothes back into your suitcase and get ready to take a tour of the world’s most famous, most revered and (why not?) strangest beard and moustache championships.




The clue is in the name! This event is aimed at the bearded men of America and following the huge success of the 2016 edition in Denver, it will be repeated in one of the most iconic cities of the southern United States: Richmond. The host of categories range from classic beard and moustache styles such as Amish, Garibaldi, Imperial, Hungarian, etc., to the most modern, artistic and contemporary creative challenges, staged over four days of pure star-spangled fun.


To learn more and check out photos of past participants, visit the website!




Launched way back in 1990 in Höfen, Germany, the World Beard and Moustache Championships is without a doubt the quintessential competition to participate in if you want to put your facial hair to the test. The most incredible beards and moustaches of recent decades have graced the 12 editions of this event, divided between the Old and New Worlds (even in Alaska!) to celebrate a passion that unites thousands of men from around the globe.


To learn more and check out photos of past participants, visit the website!




We’ll conclude our short column with one of the most bizarre thematic events in the world. During the Sourdough Rendezvous Festival, hosted by the town of Whitehorse in the Canadian Yukon, the International Hair Freezing Contest is held. An event where contestants are rewarded for... frozen whiskers, beards and hair! To participate, the entrants must do nothing more than to dive into the hot springs, climb out immediately and let their damp hair solidify in the icy air, using the little time available to craft an imaginative hairstyle. Not extreme enough for you? Think again, because it takes place every February 24th in the dead of winter.


To find out more and check out photos of the (crazy!) participants, visit the website!

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