Beard And Hair: Grooming Tips For The New Year

2019 has officially begun! Another year of changes, challenges and new intentions awaits us... even when it comes to the look of our beards and hair. What better time than now to decide which style to adopt? Long, short, trimmed, casual... the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is use the right accessory and choose the style that best suits your appearance and personality. Here are some of our suggestions!



For your beard...


The VAN DYKE: Recently back in style, the Van Dyke is named after Flemish painter Antoon Van Dyck. It consists of a pointed goatee and moustache that are detached, with the cheeks completely shaven. Attractive and not too ‘clean’.


The BALBO: Another blast from the past (named after the politician, general and aviator Italo Balbo), which has now also taken over Hollywood, as seen in the look sported by Robert Downey Jr in the Iron Man saga. It looks like a beard without sideburns and a flexible, defined moustache.



For your hair...


The SIDE CUT: First made famous by David Bowie in the 1980s, the side cut is now back in fashion and still as fresh as ever. Unlike the undercut, it involves shaving only one side of the top of the head, leaving the other side uncut. Rebellious and sexy.

The POMPADOUR: The ideal for all men who love to present themselves carefully... with a hipster touch. The Pompadour, first seen in the 18th century in the French courts, simply involves sweeping the hair upwards from the face, leaving it slightly shorter on the sides of the head.


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