100 years of beards and hairstyles

Fashion, as you know, is one of the most changeable aspects of our society. A particular period’s expression, its tastes and styles. This is something that changes over time and, precisely for this reason, is something that is judged as the years go by.

How many times have you happened to think, perhaps leafing through an old school yearbook, “Did I really dress like that? I used to walk around with that haircut?” And it is precisely the hairstyle, together with the beard, that is one of the things that best reflects how men have changed over the Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries.


In the following video, made by the YouTube Cut channel for Movember 2015, you can admire a long list of different haircuts and styles, ranging from the slick and shiny look at the beginning of the century to the revolutionary hippy and freak scene look until we come to the waved and textured hairstyle of the last decade.


A clever and undoubtedly cool way to understand how much we have changed... and how much more we will change, can be seen in the following video.




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